Month: April 2017

Episode 25: Season Finale – Butt Stuff

For our season finale we wanted to do something special for our listeners. Unfortunately we couldn’t be bothered planning anything, so instead join us as we probe deep (phrasing) into God’s glorious loophole – butt sex. Our deep dive investigation into spelunking the behind sees us discussing whether anal sex is really that taboo anymore, why men are so obsessed with butt sex, and how best to prepare yourself for entering the backdoor. In our typical fashion we also deviate wildly to discuss Danny Devito orgies, Beer Yoga, and courtesy enemas. We also finally figured out how to work...

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Episode 24: ‘Yellow Fever’, ‘Sisterhood’, and ‘Red Flags’ – Let’s Learn All About Rachel

Shawn and special guest Verity Johnson¬†(you can listen to our episodes with Verity here & here) put our delightful co-host Rachel under the grill in a revealing episode. A self-described ‘onion with many layers’, Rachel talked about her struggles with having to deal with guys with ‘yellow fever’, her bedroom fantasies, why ‘sisterhood’ is so important to her, and what she’s looking for in a guy. For some reason, Shawn also decides to share a story about a public hookup gone horribly wrong and once again makes Verity cry with his questionable humour. GET EPISODE 24 HERE: Download or...

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