Month: March 2018

Episode 29: Hawaii AKA ‘The Massage’

Shawn decided that it might be nice and relaxing to go to Hawaii for the week with a couple mates, but things didn’t go quite as planned… As per usual he’s came back with one of the weirdest experiences of his life, and for some reason decided to share it publicly. This episode sees Shawn and Johan joined by special guest Nick Dockary to recount the excruciating true story of an awkward massage gone very very wrong. Will this story finish with a happy ending? You’ll have to listen to find out. GET EPISODE 29 HERE: Download or listen...

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Episode 28: Love

Remember that time you were drunk at a karaoke bar and ‘What’s Love Got To Do With It’ came on and you started crying into your mid-strength beer? No?, just us then? In this episode we chat about all things love – what it is, how to sustain it, and all the weird and wacky things that love throws at you. This episode sees Johan and Jenna joined by Duke Debonair, Velvet DeCollete and the wonderful Miki Lewis. GET EPISODE 28 HERE: Download or listen to Episode 28 directly Subscribe and listen via iTunes RSS...

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