Podcast and Chill is a comedic storytelling podcast about sex, love, and dating for the “Tinder generation”.

Prepare to feel a whole lot better about your dating life.

Podcast and Chill is hosted by inappropriately open serial dater Shawn Moodie, straight-talking feminist Rachel Windsor, and journalist Johan Chang, a man who theoretically has all the answers but always finds a way to put his foot in his mouth.

Shawn, Rachel, and Johan (that’s us, by the way) discuss the ups-and-downs of sex and dating in the Tinder generation whilst unashamedly laying their histories out in the open.

Along with our guests, we share our most personal and unbelievably hilarious stories with the intention of letting each other (and the entire world) laugh, therefore making our somewhat painful stories just slightly more bearable to live with. At the same time, we touch on everything from the existence of rule 34 to sexual fantasies, and kinky hook-ups to watching porn, all while taking jabs at one another.

Whether you have been on a thousand dates, no dates, are in a relationship or a commitment-phobe, have weird sexual turn-ons and kinks, or just want to hear relatable and painfully true stories of getting down to the dirty, Podcast and Chill will be a turning point for many people who will realise, “Oh, it’s not just me”.