Author: Shawn

Episode 4: Workplace Relationships

As the old saying goes “you don’t dip your pen in the company ink”. In this episode of Podcast & Chill our hosts discuss the pros and cons of office office romances, throw around their own stories of hooking up with co-workers (and the inevitable aftermath), and predictably go off on tangents about proper workplace relationship etiquette (just when is it acceptable to have sex in the break room?). Here are just a few of the other topics we discuss: how to make a workplace relationship work, what to do when you break up with a co-worker, and what qualifies as...

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Episode 2: Long-Distance Relationships

In this episode of Podcast & Chill our hosts discus their experiences of long-distance relationships and debate whether thy can actually ever work. Marika shares an unbelievably true anecdote of time she went overseas to meet a romantic interest (and the inevitable consequences of it), Johan debates the idea of perusing romances across the globe, and Shawn lays down the case for why long-distance relationships are inevitably doomed to fail. This episode also sees our hosts covering topics including: how to make long-distance work, what each host would like in their care package, and how technology can help keep the spark alive....

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Episode 1: First Dates

First dates have the potential to be either really uncomfortable or really great. Shawn, Marika, and Johan discuss first date disasters, etiquette, and their views on starting a fling with someone new. Marika finds first dates very uncomfortable, Shawn compares them to job interviews, and Johan views them far differently than Marika or Shawn could ever have possibly expected before they recorded this episode. With guidance from the ‘ever reliable’ internet, our hosts discuss first date etiquette and similar topics whilst delving into their personal stories of first dates gone wrong. Get Episode 1 Here: Download or listen to Episode 1 directly...

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