Verity Johnson is a TV presenter, writer, part-time comedian, and full-time caffeine addict and we were lucky to have her join us to discuss: dating in the spotlight, strip clubs, why Kiwis have so much trouble talking about sex, and when it’s acceptable to break up with someone via an app. While Verity is probably most well-known for her work on The Paul Henry Breakfast Show, she also writes for the New Zealand Herald, Metro, The Listener, College Humor, Big Issue, VICE, and UNO magazine.

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Show notes:

Dunzo is a new app that will dump your partner for you. You tell the app who you want to break up with, the app assigns someone to call your significant other, tell them they’re dumped, and then collect your stuff from their house. So when is it acceptable to break up with someone via an app? Verity discusses in the video below.

Verity also talked about trying to find love on Tinder. You can read her article about the ups and downs Tinder  here.

On the show Verity, Shawn, and Johan discussed their Valentines Day’s (Shawn’s was confusingly odd). Verity has written a great article about being single on Valentines Day, maybe Johan and Shawn should have read it.

Being in the spotlight Verity unfortunately experiences more than her fair share of online abuse.  She talks about being called a slut by a stranger in the video below.

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