Velvet DeCollete is pin-up model, fashion designer, and blogger from New Zealand. Ever since she discovered John Willie and Bizarre Magazine she’s been enamored with pin up and fetish style. Those damsels in distress and stiletto wearing heroines inspired her to undertake the journey from the awkward teen who Shawn remembers from High School to the sassy bossbabe she is today. In her own words, Velvet is all about encouraging people to embrace the power of style and sexuality, fantastic at posing in lingerie, and the absolute worst at telling jokes.

The burlesque beauty joined Shawn and Johan for a fun (and booze) filled episode where we go behind the scenes and learn what it’s like to be a burlesque performer, get advice on winning over women, share some embarrassing stories (obviously) and critique dick pics.



If you want to view Velvet’s work or get in touch with her you can do so via the following:

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Podcasts don’t really do justice to a burlesque performer or model so we’ve included a gallery of her work. You’re welcome.