Shawn and special guest Verity Johnson (you can listen to our episodes with Verity here & here) put our delightful co-host Rachel under the grill in a revealing episode. A self-described ‘onion with many layers’, Rachel talked about her struggles with having to deal with guys with ‘yellow fever’, her bedroom fantasies, why ‘sisterhood’ is so important to her, and what she’s looking for in a guy.

For some reason, Shawn also decides to share a story about a public hookup gone horribly wrong and once again makes Verity cry with his questionable humour.



Yellow Fever

We talked at length about guys with ‘yellow fever’, if you’d like to learn more about it, we stumbled upon a rather interesting article on the topic. Mike and Dan from ‘The Chen Dynasty’ discuss what Asian people think about Westerners with Yellow Fever in the video below:

Sexual Fantasies

We talked at length about Rachel’s sexual fantasies on this episode, but if you’d like to hear the other hosts fantasies you can do so here.

Verity Johnson

Verity joined us on the podcast as a host this episode but it’s not the first time she’s been a guest on Podcast & Chill. You can listen to her other episodes here & here

Red Flags

We wrapped our podcast with a discussion of Rachel’s red flags as well as what she’s looking for in a guy. If you want to hear more you can listen to our episode dedicated solely to red flags here.