For our season finale we wanted to do something special for our listeners. Unfortunately we couldn’t be bothered planning anything, so instead join us as we probe deep (phrasing) into God’s glorious loophole – butt sex.

Our deep dive investigation into spelunking the behind sees us discussing whether anal sex is really that taboo anymore, why men are so obsessed with butt sex, and how best to prepare yourself for entering the backdoor.

In our typical fashion we also deviate wildly to discuss Danny Devito orgies, Beer Yoga, and courtesy enemas. We also finally figured out how to work the lights in our building.




Here’s how Frank Reynolds from ‘It’s Always Sunny In Philadelphia’ handles an orgy.

Musical Comedy Duo ‘Garfunkel & Oats’ hilarious song about anal sex, appropriately titled ‘God’s Loophole’.

Shawn tried his hand at a little Beer Yoga the other week at the Lumsden’s fourth birthday party. Here’s his horrifically bad attempt.